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Исполнитель: Above The Golden State

Творение: I'll Love You So (OST Кухня)

Длина: 03:09

Дата: 2015-04-11

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Album: Above The Golden State

I feel the sun
It's returned again
To chase the cold
Far away
I'm not alone
To fight the world I'm in
You gave me hope
For better days

I was searching for a friend like no other
I never thought You'd come my way

Everything I give to You
I'll love You so
Everything I say or do
I'll love You so

Look where we've come
How could I ever forget
Before Your love
My heart was dead
I was afraid
That my sun would set
But You stayed around
To lift my head

I was living my whole life undercover
Never dreamed I'd see Your face

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