alabama thunderpussy дискография. Alabama Thunderpussy. The Beggar.

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Исполнитель: Alabama Thunderpussy

Творение: The Beggar

Длина: 05:15

Дата: 2015-03-24

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Once an angel came to me and said ''Do you lack inside?''
And so I raised my head to reconcile
''My burdens of the Earth must be well deserved''
So I begged for mercy from the one
Now the angel's gone, and hell's become my home
I sit and think how life has gone
Would it be unfair to ask for more?
The beggar knows

The angel since returned to the one once spurned and claims the invitation won't expire
Somehow i just can't see salvation as elite
And so I sent the angel on his way
Should heaven be so vain, bring on judgment day
I sit and think what love has done
Could it be that I'm the one so wrong?
The beggar knows

Your congregation's meeting
The chosen pray
Ignore the beggars pleading and turn away
Sinners rising sinners casting stones again
Sinners bring the beggar to his end
His eyes have seen heaven's at hand
Thunder roars, the clouds bring gales forces, wicked battering
The sun hangs his head in shame
Those who joined in life with the beggar shall be reconciled
For the vain - cast into the lake of fire
And now I hope you see malaise in vanity
And that you may not be a chosen one
Ain't no one really knows which way the spirits go
Yet I believe that action speaks a ton
If we are to become one with salvation
I sit and think what death will bring
Will I burn in flames or fly on wings
The beggar knows



Alabama Thunderpussy - The Beggar
ATP - The Beggar courtesy of Relapse Records

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