скачать mp3 alex metric what she wants. Alex Metric. What She Wants OST Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights.

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Исполнитель: Alex Metric

Творение: What She Wants (OST Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights)

Длина: 04:46

Дата: 2014-10-12

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Loxodrome - The Liar (Charly Steinpatz Remix) & Sea of Dust video edit

I am absolutely pleased to introduce a pair of artists encouraging remixes that go beyond reinterpreting how the original 1st sounded - just attempt to imagine a four-sided quarter or a 3-sided $100.00 bill,?

Loxodrome info & links -

Charly Steinpatz pages & profiles -

My latest efforts to collaborate with both Loxodrome & Charly Steinpatz have a chance to inspire others to re-evaluate just what media is capable of offering when transcending entertainment becomes a possibility (continue reading IF your interest propels you)

Despite the ^above^ aforementioned article, in regards to decisions by executives within THQ - true fans have a hard time forgetting about games they've poured thousands of hours into,???
I, personally, am NOT here to argue with executive decisions to promote games more fiscally promising to market demand and franchises with more illumination to their potential for growth on all levels on & offline - NOT at all.
I AM however willing to suggest the power of the average gamer; the general consumer who wishes that what he/she finds most appealing (even for a game up to 5 or 8 years old since story boarding was initially drafted) could perhaps be reconsidered by even outside firms & companies to have a spin or variation of game play to take a shot at revitalizing what online play has gravitated to in the latest leaps & bounds of the past few years.
Communities* that not only garner a burden of enthusiasm to see story arcs introduced or content exclusive to a particular platform as exclusive as the dedication they are proud to represent for what console(s) they play the most; these said communities have more weight to throw around than they might actually be aware of.

I continue to call out to those who think of themselves as fans of Juice Games and know that the injection of a more modern, more community driven server and online engine to see car clubs and club meets (founded by us from the start) and competitions across countries & the globe to the next level of club domination of a possible "Juiced World League" or "Juiced Driver Empire,"?

The most real skepticism that even I can foreshadow on the proposition is that even a future yet undeveloped, still under R 'n' D programs system (for either of the BIG 2 businesses that want your hard ca$h) will hold out to consider how/when to wish to facelift the more than considered games and titles that were prematurely terminated initially due to low profit numbers & sales that were more than obviously dwarfed by the larger, more renowned staffs and producers of games that some view as old in name years ago,?
Not all of us continue to spend the $$$ for games (new OR used) that don't tease our gaming appetites to the point of "gotta have it, gotta play it" mindlessness - some of us purcha$e games from developers becomes we can play assured of how much longevity we can retain and continue to expect of a title that even 5 years later pay$ for itself for the 300th degree over, seriously =)
Suggesting that other players have packed in over 5k hours of drifting races or online championships thru tier-racing of internal club elimination matches is NOT far from actual at all^^ We still log in :O

THQ contacts & emails -


Any interest on your part to wish to influence what THQ does in regard for considering that we as consumers are NOT done with Juice Games is a chance for staff & graph employees at THQ to take count of how many folks might just want a future reinvention of what Juice Games can now* offer in the online market!
ALL you might say when sending an email...

A 'please' or a little politeness could turn the tide in our favor, but keep it sweet & clear in you reason for mailing^^

I can continue to be reached at -

[email protected]
youtube.com/user/bumyasumma99 _ 2nd EMI Channel soon 2 B


Похожее видео, которое, возможно, вас заинтересует. БЫСТРО СМОТРЕТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО БЕЗ СМС!!!!:

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