текст песни ghosts from the past bang gang. Bang Gang. Ghosts From The Past.

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Исполнитель: Bang Gang

Творение: Ghosts From The Past

Длина: 05:12

Дата: 2014-11-16

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You fall like an angel to me
And you fell and broke your wings
It was never meant to last
You were just a ghost from the past

I thought you really could be real
That my heart was ready to bleed
When I walked through pain and fear
You would totally disappear

You know that I love you, you know what I need
You know that I find you so tender so sweet
We walked through the darkness, we walked in the sun
We shared all our sorrows, we shared all our love
You said that you love me you said that you cared
So how could I know I had something to fear
I don't know where you are I know that you're hurt
I should have been able to sense your alert

You came like a stranger to me
And you said you were for real
Now I do know where this will end
I was cold and I needed a friend
I turned on the light so you could see
I was stuck in some other dream
Still my eyes were crystal clear
You came closer and shattered my tears


How could you say you want me to go
When my diamond was starting to glow
When you knew that I wanted you so
You left me alone

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Ghosts From The Past : Ghost From The Past (Bang Gang)

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