bharati bole chudiyan скачать mp3. Bharati. Bole Chudiyan думаю всем понравится, кто хоть когда-то смотрел индийские фильмы.

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Исполнитель: Bharati

Творение: Bole Chudiyan (думаю всем понравится, кто хоть когда-то смотрел индийские фильмы)

Длина: 03:03

Дата: 2014-09-27

Просмотрено: 539


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Jubilee Comedy Circus - Episode 22 - 5th March 2011 - Manish, Bharati & Shweta
In this stressful life there is only one show that has taken the responsibility to make people forget all their worries, all their tensions and all their stress. Introducing one finest of the shows of Indian television industry that has already completed 3 successful years of fun, laughter, comedy and humor. With trampolines, unicycles and a trapeze swing on the set, discover the original circus with "JUBILEE COMEDY CIRCUS". This time JUBILEE COMEDY CIRCUS brings you the most hilarious stand up acts where some fresh clowns and experienced clowns will take you to a different comic world.

The clown performers include terrific comedians Krushna and Rajiv Nigam, Indian television actor Pooja Gaur (Pratigya) and comedian Rajiv Thakur, Comedian Kapil and actor Shikha, Television actor Jay soni (Ishaan) and electrifying comedian VIP, Anand and Chandan Prabhakar, senior television actor Pratima Kazmi and comedian Jaswant, stunning Anchor Manish Paul and power-packed comedian Bharti, small power packet comedian Saloni and Reheman

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