botti forgiven текст песни. Chris Botti. Forgiven feat. Jonatha Brooke.

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Исполнитель: Chris Botti

Творение: Forgiven (feat. Jonatha Brooke)

Длина: 05:09

Дата: 2014-11-12

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Chris Botti - Forgiven (feat. Jonathan Brooke) HD
Smooth Jazz - From The Album: The Very Best of Chris Botti. Chris Botti's tenure at Verve and GRP lasted for four years and produced three albums filled with Botti's trademark light and melancholy smooth jazz sound. This 11-song best-of has three songs from Botti's 1995 record, First Wish, five from 1997's Midnight Without You, and three from 1999's Slowing Down the World. Highlights include "Midnight Without You" (Botti's collaboration with the Blue Nile), "Forgiven" (which features vocals by Jonatha Brooke), and the percolating "Drive Time" and "Regroovable." The collection also has contributions from Jeff Lorber, Alex Acuña, and Edie Brickell. Botti has a bit more substance, both in his tone and in his tunes, than most smooth jazz artists and may appeal to straight-ahead jazz fans who don't mind some atmosphere in their jazz. Smooth jazz buffs will welcome the opportunity to have all of Botti's best on one CD.
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