скачать mp3 бесплатно chris parker. Chris Parker. Symphony 2011 DJ P.AR remark.

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Исполнитель: Chris Parker

Творение: Symphony 2011 ( DJ P.AR remark)

Длина: 04:23

Дата: 2014-10-14

Просмотрено: 454


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Chris Parker - Symphony 2011 (Sasha Kasimovski remix)
Free download on the web-page

Chris Parker:
" I will a little tell about myself! My creativity began not so simply:) The musical school which has caused exposure of nervous system of teachers (Quite often shirked solfeggio), has given the first step in my musical future! Study was strained. In youthful year it was given not so easily. Only after 3 years of training, with a pressure of my favourite teachers, I have felt that I can To concern it it is easier and easier! And after the termination of the fine musical Institutions, has arrived in musical school in which I have found the majority Acquaintances, and they help till now me, both creative people, and teachers... And here the moment when my interests have a little changed has come! I began to try Itself in various musical directions also has begun the creative career... From a remarkable Accordion and to elements DJ... Now it is difficult to speak, That it is more important in a life: to go on it the optimist, or is pessimistic to choose another Career, without having improved itself further... I Think the first variant Is more reasonable... And so, has now finished FRAMES. It. Gnesinih producer and estradno-jazz Faculty and what to myself I do not refuse... I Move further, I test in new achievements and the purposes... "To struggle and search, find and not to surrender"

Producer: Ivan Smirnov
Contact phone: +7 (985) 762 56 56

Concert Director: Sergei Barhat
Contact phone: +7 (926) 314 50 08

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