ciara ludacris ride скачать. Ciara feat. Ludacris. Ride.

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Исполнитель: Ciara feat. Ludacris

Творение: Ride

Длина: 04:22

Дата: 2015-04-02

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Catch me in the mall
You know I buy it out.
G5 planes, yeah I fly it out.
N-gga in the back look like lex
In them 28’s and
Oh you can’t get her if
Ain’t got plenty cake.
ATL Georgia, bodies
Look like this size
23 waist, pretty face
Thick thighs.

I can do it big
I can do it long
I can do whenever or however
You want

I can do it up and down
I can do circles
To him I’m a gymnast
This one is my circus

I mark it so good
They can’t wait til you try
I work it so good
Man, these n-ggas
Tryna buy I I I I me

They love they way I ride it (x3)
They love the way I ride the beat
How I ride the beat, I ride it

They love they way I ride it (x3)
They love the way I ride the beat
Like a motherf-cking freak

And I won’t stop, don’t stop
Get it! Get it!
Imma pitch down the middle
Baby hit it! hit it!

I do it tonight
Handle my business, like a big girl should
1 o’clock, 2 o’clock
2 o’clock, 4…
5 o’clock, 6 o’clock
Baby give me more.

Pick me up, pick me up.
You are my Ducati, I’m all up your frame
Baby say my name.
Show you how get ummm,
Show you how to do it
Left hip, right hip
But your back into it ohhhh



She ride her like a rollercoaster
Soon as I get her to the top she screams.
I put her out like a lite,
She’ll be out for the night
When her head hit the pollows sweet dreams

Wake her up about 30mins later,
Calling me the terminator, let’s go again
Red zone, imma get her first down
Call me luda true
Breeze I throw it in.
Touch down, he scores,
Ludacris the MVP

With a rack like that and a back like that
Cici better CC me.
Cause them legs just keep on going
So I gotta put her to bed.
Let the 808 bump, and the go bunk
Cause she ride it like a….

He love they way I ride it (x3)
He love the way I ride the beat
Like a motherfu**g freak

Ohh baby baby baby
Do me like you up when I’m up
When I’m done, when I’m done
Ohh baby baby baby
You can stand to look away when
I’m swirling this around.

Oh baby bay you like it
Once it get up and down.
Oh baby he love it when
I twirl this thing around

He love they way I ride it (x3)
He love the way I ride the beat
Like a motherf-ckng freak

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Ciara - Ride ft. Ludacris
Music video by Ciara featuring Ludacris performing Ride. (C) 2010 LaFace Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

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