все песни гта. данилка курбатов. гта сандрэс.

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Исполнитель: данилка курбатов

Творение: гта сандрэс

Длина: 02:17

Дата: 2015-04-14

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GTA San Andreas Real Life
We recreated San Andreas in real life
Snapchat - TrueMobster

The team on Twitter

Big thanks to Ruben for coming down to star in this as CJ
If you wan't to get him involved in any of your projects, Drop me a message on Facebook and I'll forward his email to you.

Filming equipment used
Canon 5d mark iii
Glidecam hd 4000

Filming location
United Kingdom - Eastbourne East Sussex
Brighton & Hove - Sussex Downs college

Music by
Fullscreen Partner

Notify your local police before filming on the streets with replica weapons, The guns seen and used in this video are Airsoft guns.

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