dj zikky sin ft t pain boom mp3 скачать бесплатно. DJ Zikky & DJ StevenMac. Sin ft. T-Pain - Boom.

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Исполнитель: DJ Zikky & DJ StevenMac

Творение: Sin ft. T-Pain - Boom

Длина: 03:30

Дата: 2015-02-02

Просмотрено: 538


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Filip Filipi (Feat. T-Pain) - Boom [+LYRICS & DOWNLOAD ]

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Text "SIZZERB BOOM" to 69937 to get ringtone
Text "SIZZERB BOOM" to 69937 to get ringtone
Text "SIZZERB BOOM" to 69937 to get ringtone

"Sin - Boom" on Fox: So You Think You Can Dance Wed Aug 6th 8PM

[Chorus: T-Pain] x2
I was tranced when I seen shorty lookin so fly
I lost control of my steering wheel when I seen that behind
And then she glanced and I took the shades up off of my eyes
And it was like boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

Pluck em from the sea then display in aquariums
I take care of em
While you stare at em
When she see me on TV she gon come and find me
I come visit
What time is it
15 past the crown on the Rolex
And they get me so stressed
But I am so fresh
Pull up in that Porsche
Or land in that jet
But certain things money can't buy
Like the reason why
I'm so muthafuckin fly

[Chorus: T-Pain] x2

Taliban guns my clips banana
And I move units like Hannah Montana
I ain't grow up with no rappers
17-5 I grew up with em trappers
She licked off
Her lip gloss
Her hips tossed
Her pitch soft
Like Rick Ross
I sip on
That sizzurp
Pull up to that cizzurb

[Chorus: T-Pain] x2

I been watching you
Like the hawk in the sky
That prey and you was my all
I know I can I know I can
I know I can I will
Nah bitch that's not a window
Don't touch that's liquid crystal
Eatin Caesar salad
In Caesar's palace
With little Caesar
And these skeezers
With jungle fever
Oh Lord
Remember how it felt
And then remember this
Be true to you believe there is no one bigger

[Chorus: T-Pain] x2

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