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Исполнитель: Grave Digger

Творение: Love Is A Game (Witch Hunter / 1985)

Длина: 05:43

Дата: 2014-11-16

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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

I believe I see your face
Reflected in the glass
Your blue eyes seem to laugh at me
You have captured my soul
You broke my heart 'long time ago
I'll make you love me too
Don't play for keeps, don't play to win
We're playing your game
I can't believe the words you say
That love's just gone someday
A coolness has replaced your love
My fortune fades away
I recall the times we had
Those days of happiness
I never will believe you
When you say love's a game
Night after night
It's a game
Love is a game
As you lie there, my heart stands still
You're just another girl
I once had loved sky blue eyes
With lots of golden smiles
I'm so confused, I chose another
You're not the same
The time has come and I accept
That love is just a game

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Grave Digger - Witch Hunter
Track taken from 1985's "Witch Hunter"

Track Listing:

1.Witch Hunter04:25
2.Night Drifter03:11
3.Get Ready for Power 05:06
4.Love Is a Game 05:45
5.Get Away 02:59
6.Fight for Freedom 03:55
7.School's Out(Alice Cooper cover) 02:43
8.Friends of Mine 05:24
9.Here I Stand 04:49

Total playing time38:17

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