jan king fading away скачать mp3. Jan King. Fading Away.

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Исполнитель: Jan King

Творение: Fading Away

Длина: 03:17

Дата: 2015-01-29

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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

Where are you now?
It can't be here
I look into your eyes and I see nothing there
I feel you fading away

Who can I tell?
What can I do?
Your soul is lost somewhere
Why can't mine be there too?
I feel you fading away

I try to dream
I say my prayers
If someone hears them
Then I guess they just don't care
I feel you fading away

I wanna scream
I wanna run away
I wanna tear this world apart
I wanna cry
I need somewhere to hide
The only place I know
Is the place inside your heart

They say that time
Will make it right
But they won't tell me
How I make it through tonight
I feel you fading away
I feel you fading away
I feel you fading away

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Jan King - Fading Away (lyrics video)
Nothing special.
Just video with lyrics.
One of my favourite songs ever

Lyrics & Music by Mark Governor
Performed by Jan King

Many people know this song from a great movie Pet Sematary II

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