текст песни многоточие эй братуха. Многоточие. Locked Up Эй, братуха.

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Исполнитель: Многоточие

Творение: Locked Up (Эй, братуха)

Длина: 03:18

Дата: 2014-09-06

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Christopher 1
William Joseph Christopher spent 5 years locked up WITHOUT A TRIAL, then William Wagener entered the scene. Forced a lesbian judge Yew, to order the jail to allow a Jailhouse interview, after 5 hearing requests, and posted it on , in 2005-6. The video created lots of heat for the kangaroo, Star Chamber Legal System in San Jose, CA. - - and a new Prosecutor assigned, who asked Wagener to NOT post Prosecutors & Public defenders phone numbers on the video or internet... they were getting "too many calls". Once Wagener was convinced that Mr. Christopher in fact committed NO CRIME,but was the victim of False DV accusations by a violent and drama Queen Philippino young wife, ... This clip is from Sept 8th, 2006 1 day after Mr. Christopher was released from San Josel, CA. main jail on a "bernal aggreement" still with NO TRIAL after 6.3 years locked up for DV he did not do to his wife, and she was no longer willing to come and testify against him. The "Bernal" decision denied Mr. Christopher the right to supoena the doctor and his records that
proved his wife lied. The judge died from fast Cancer before he could make a decision, after extorting this "Bernal aggreement" from this Father of one son, he had not seen for 7 years, now almost 10 years. this is the first TV show after his release from 6.3 years in Prison.

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