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Исполнитель: OST Сумерки. Сага. Затмение UNKLE (Feat. The Black Angels)

Творение: With You In My Head

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Дата: 2014-11-15

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Life After Twilight 1.01

ok i saw eclipse and im wating on breaking dawn and i love twilight and i just thought to my self what will happen after it all and i new it couldnt stop so i made life after twilight and it show the life of renesmee and bella,edward,jacob,and the cullens and the wolf pack

today episode is about:renesmee must chose if she want jacob or a new boy who gose to her school name jackson and will feeling come from bella to jacob

bella:reneemee didnt i told you to clean your room
re:mom i was but i have to go to school(puts a grin on her face)
bella:(looks at her)o cut the crap
re:ok ok mom i will clean it(puts on her bookbag and walk out the door)
re:(walks in the kitchen)
emmett:hey nicee
re:hey uncle emmett(takes a glims at rosalie)
re:hi aunt rosalie(puts a grin on her face)
rosalie:(looks at her and walk out the room)
re:i cant believe her, why dose she hate me(sits in a chair and put her head down on the table)
emmett:she dosent hate you(walks to re. and pat her on the back)
re:(lifts her head up)o really so why havent she say a word to me scince i was born unless she deft becuse i could swarn that i herd her saying nasty thing when yall were in a room together
emmett:uhh umm never mind wait dont you have school
re:yea im just waiting for aunt alice and uncle jasper
edward:(appers out of nowhere)they might be late you should go now
re:(shock)wow dad you scared me you got to stop doing that
edward:(smiles)ha ha i told you got to get use to me
re:dad why cant the come
edward:umm they had feeding to do
re:o so im going to be alone great(cross her arms)
edward:you got friends, live it up(smiles)
re:fine(gets up to leave)i should see yall later(walks out the door)
(forks high school)
brandy:so i was just saying maby it needs to be winter all ready because i love the cold on my body(hugs herself)
re:yea the cold its goo-(looking at jackson)
brandy:hey are you ok
re:umm yea girl im cool(looks at brandy and smile)
brandy:maybe you should go to him and tell him you like him
re:you know i like someone else
brandy:come on girl he donsent even go to school anymore
re:yea so that means hes older(looks at brandy and smile and joke around)
jack:hey renesmee thanks for the notes(hand the notes to her)
re:umm your welcome(takes them)(in her head)maby i should tell him come on just do it)umm yea so how are you
jack:im good and you
re:im good to
jack:so i was wording if you would want to go somewhere with me tonight
jake:cool i will pick you up at eight
brady:i told you i got to go to my locker catch up with you later(walks away)
re:ok see ya(waves to her)
jacob:hey arent you spoose to be in class(hugs re.)
re:jacob what are you doing hear(hugs him back)
jacob:to breake you out of hell(smiles and winks)
re:i wouldnt call this hell but ok(winks back)but i cant leave
jacob:why is those boold suckers here
re:well no but-
jacob:well you should come with me and live the day up
re:what are we wating for lets go(takes jacobs hands and walks out the school)
back at the cullen house
alice:are we going to tell her
edward:no we cant scrare her any more
bella:come on she must we track they are coming her
edward:i know but we cant tell her yet
alice:well we have to do-
bella:(looks at alice)whats wrong
alice:la push
edward:you dont mean
alice:something bad
(edward and bella race out the house)
(la push jacobs house)
re:wow it feels like i havent been in ages
jacob:yea thats because you havent been here ages (puts his arms around her)
re:well i guess we can spend our time her right until eight
jacob(comfuse)what happens at eight
re:o if you must know i have a date
jacob:(looks mad)with who
re:calm down its with a boy who gose to my school
jacob:but i thought we will spend time together
re:we will but you undstand right
bella:jake re. whats going on
edward:(in jacobs face)if you ever talk to my daghter agin i will kill you
jacob:bring it blood sucker
what will happen next after the twilight

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