слова песни 22. Tony-GunVendetta. 22 Гири RISK.

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Исполнитель: Tony-Gun(Vendetta)

Творение: 22 Гири (RISK)

Длина: 02:32

Дата: 2015-03-11

Просмотрено: 592


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Intro To Kettlebells by Valery Fedorenko - WKC

Thousands of people have bought my Kettlebell Lifting instructional video "Intro to Kettlebells -- THE Essential Quick-Study™" and paid as much as $39.99. I have decided today to give this video away for free. We've had a great year, and my wish is for more people to learn the fundamentals of Kettlebell Lifting, so they can avoid the mistakes and truly get better. For far too many years fledgling kettlebell organizations have tried to convince you that World Kettlebell Club® is just about Kettlebell Sport, while they are about Fitness, Strength and POWER. They say this while they have not even mastered what I consider to be fundamental basics of lifting, like fixation, proper trajectory or even just how to hold the kettlebell optimally.

I'm convinced top Kettlebell Sport athletes are some of the most generally fit people on earth, but I want you to know here and now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what you will learn in this video is applicable to any level of lifter, for any reason. We have UFC Fighters and their Coaches using these techniques and fundamentals. Major League Baseball Players are taking advantage of our methods. Military, Police and Fire/Rescue Technicians use my experience with kettlebells to get and stay prepared for action. The list goes on, but I have NEVER asked them to do Kettlebell Sport. Not once! Of course I can teach Kettlebell Sport to the highest level, and they are welcome to try the grueling sport of the kettlebell, but we do not begin there, and we don't have to end there.

While it has been entertaining watching pseudo kettlebell experts jump around trying to convince you of their strength and athleticism, I'm growing tired of the state of Kettlebells in the world, especially America. I have an advantage in that I'm a Russian that grew up and competed in Soviet times, that is now an American. I have lived here in the USA for over 13 years, so I have a perspective few have. I've learned you must be careful looking into the Russian mouth for truth, and you can't trust the western marketing at face value. You should take each with a big bag of salt.

You might say, "but you are Russian and American Valery, how can we trust you!??". Trust, but verify... Look at my public record. Have I ever changed my main message? I can tell you I have not. I have always preached the fundamentals, and always will. Check my personal results. I was Master of Sport at 17 years old, and World Class and World Record Holder at 19. I know how to train for fast results, and I also know how to keep healthy, because at nearly 40 years old, I can still do these things and more if I wish. Check who cooperates with me and WKC®. Now we work with the two absolute best Kettlebell Athletes (male AND female) and have successful Health and Fitness professionals supporting us as well. Please accept my gift to you and your friends, and hopefully we can work more closely together at some point in the future.

Valery Fedorenko
Chief Advisor, WKC®

Please email [email protected] with ANY questions!

DISCLAIMER: Kettlebell Lifting can be dangerous. Please proceed at your own risk. Any tips are purely educational and are not meant as a direct order. It is impossible for us to know your physical limitations. It would be prudent to seek the advice of a professional trainer for your own workouts, and if you choose to make any change in physical activity, CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks for you. ALL CONTENT IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK AND OTHER LAWS OF THE USA.

Похожее видео, которое, возможно, вас заинтересует. БЫСТРО СМОТРЕТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО БЕЗ СМС!!!!:

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