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Исполнитель: VIP77

Творение: Groovin

Длина: 04:11

Дата: 2014-09-04

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The Young Rascals - Groovin' 1967
Eddie Brigati (vocals), Felix Cavaliere (keyboard, vocals), Gene Cornish (guitar) and Dino Danelli (drums) started the band in New Jersey. Their first two singles were covers, but after that the band's songwriting team of Brigati and Cavaliere began providing most of their songs, and the hits kept coming for the next two years. "I've Been Lonely Too Long" & "You Better Run", were only modest hits, but "Groovin'" (#1 US/Canada, 1967) put them at the top of the charts on both sides of the pond. The song was very different from the Rascals' normal style, enough so that Atlantic Records head Jerry Wexler did not actually want to release it. It was the only hit the Rascals had in the UK.

The Young Rascals were particularly popular in the second half of the '60's and the band's influence on aspiring white R&B acts was without equal. Many groups attempted to capture the Rascals' attitude and energy. Vanilla Fudge, the epitome of over-the-top funky psychedelia, among many others, owed much to the Rascals'.

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